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mon posted: Mon 2024-02-12 14:33:32 tags: n/a
weigh-in: 214.6 'stache + sideburns trimmed caf, vitamins protein chx soup 2 snack crackers packs Despite a late start, traffic wasn't terrible. There were no B spots open in front of my building and the one-way to circle around back to more spots was blocked by construction, so it was a long circuitous route to get back on city streets, re-enter and sneak a sneaky left turn to next-best B-permit parking. I was psyched to get a couple yoga-mat sandwiches to keep me in lunches for a f... (...more)
sun posted: Mon 2024-02-12 14:27:39 tags: n/a
best breakfast get dog food, groceries A Dungeon and/or a Dragon - ToA campaign Travelling overland from Memnon to Zazesspur, we encountered a small band of slavers? with a prison-wagon each of juvenile delinquents from Neverwinter and rando commoners abducted en route. We easily overwhelmed them, freed the captives, and escorted them to safety in Zazesspur. There, we turned over everything to the authorities, though in retrospect I do wish we had sold off the horses when we had the chance. ... (...more)
sat posted: Sat 2024-02-10 15:40:53 tags: n/a
tea, caf, vitamins
weigh-in: 217.9
best breakfast

fri posted: Fri 2024-02-09 12:22:19 tags: n/a
caf, vitamins
another PTO day, 85 sick hours remaining

turkey burger w/ pepper jack
honey bbq chx nuggets xO=

deleted Goodreads acct

recycling out

thu posted: Thu 2024-02-08 19:12:53 tags: n/a
fell asleep watching Mr + Mrs Smith, which is no judgment on whether I'm enjoying or not. Just means I didn't have a nap or an afternoon caf pill.

called a sick day; 93 sick PTO hours remaining
weigh-in: 216.3
tea, caf, vitamins
1/2 rolillo as vehicle for salmon cc; last corn muffin w/butter
hotdog mit zzzzauerkraut rrrrr
corn dogs. Why exactly do they need to be sweetened?