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sat posted: Sat 2024-07-13 13:36:49 tags: n/a

not a super healthy breakfast, Ikea paankaekens0rz edition

clear dishes from the sink
tidy up sleep study kit, car sale cruft etc. around my desk

National Holocaust Memorial Museum
pork chops + bueberry muffins
Living in Oblivion (1995, Steve Buscemi)

fri posted: Fri 2024-07-12 11:56:08 tags: n/a
damn it feels good to be a gangsta sleep in past 6am

protein cocoa, caf, vitmains

pay another bill

Date nite / Agua 301 at The Yards and The Maryland rooftop

thu posted: Thu 2024-07-11 13:22:18 tags: n/a
213.7 leftover rib, shrimp scampi, yogurt, salmon, turkey snausage, turkey burger My electric toothbrush seems to have seized up. Full charge, but red blinking light and no vibration when I click the power button. I got it in May 2015 and the same make/model for Mrs in 2018. If I can't adopt hers, then I guess I have to order a new one. This article shows how to replace the battery, with some desoldering/resoldering required, but eff that. (Mine is a "Type 3756".) If they sold a kit to mod... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2024-07-10 14:05:47 tags: n/a
I blame deep-fried Hip Hop Fish + Chicken and just eating lots of leftovers before they get thrown out

tue posted: Tue 2024-07-09 16:13:33 tags: n/a

2 nights of Night Owl / VirtuOx sleep study data successfully recorded.
"After their evaluation, your healthcare provider will reach out to share your results."

update Mrs travel fund bookkeeping
shuffle funds into payment acct in preparation for covering moving expenses
review student loans magnitude, priorities and timeframes
schedule a bill payment