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Weigh-in: 212#
2nd-to-last ham+chz croissant: 11g protein / 260 cal = .0423 protein index. Poor, almost mediocre.
Protein hot cocoa: supposedly 15g / 80 kcal = .1875 p.index, i.e. higher than bodybuilder protein powders.
...Not sure that's believable.

The perfect leftover turkey sandwich: a little mayo, the faintest hint of salt. Lettuce/tomato optional.

Since YT got aggressive about threatening to block users who block ads, I've become much more conscious that. it. plays. ads. between. every. song.
Today it was The Butthole Surfers second album (or I guess technically the two EPs marketed as one album, "Rembrandt Pussyhorse" / "Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis"). And there's just nothing you can advertise on a family-friendly corporate medium like YT that isn't eye-rollingly incongruous and corny next to the raw, experimental, psychobilly feel of early Butthole Surfers.

figure out final new monthly rent figure
half of Nov partial-month + fees; less Nov reimb
force manual acct connection

A half-life ago:
1996: the year alternative rock and grunge died
(also the last birth-year of the Millennial generation)